BJP will come out with white paper, time bound action plan for women safety in Delhi

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  • BJP will come out with white paper, time bound action plan for women safety in Delhi
  • Delhi becoming more and more unsafe for women, more than 2500 cases of rape and molestation in last six months in Delhi
  • BJP to  come out with white paper, time bound action plan for women safety in Delhi
  • BJP  Govt. will ensure  20 per cent more women cops,  quick reaction teams to make city safer for women: Goel
Expressing deep concern over the rising crime graph against women in Delhi, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today announced that it will soon come out with a white paper on “women safety” which will suggest way and means to make Delhi safe for women.
Delhi has witnessed 806 rape cases this year until June 20, a sharp increase from 330 for the same period last year. The jump in the number of molestation cases is even steeper, with 1,780 cases reported in the Capital in the first six months this year against 270 for the same period last year.
Reacting to the latest reports that indicate that the rapes cases against women have almost doubled in Delhi as compared to last year, the party today also announced setting up of a working group to work specifically on the issue of “Women’s safety” in Delhi. The group in consultation with the experts will put together an action plan with a fixed time frame.
“The situation is grave in Delhi with more than 2500 incidents of rape and molestation over a period of last six months. A party delegation will meet Union Home Minister to demand immediate remedial action. It is deplorable that the Congress government in Delhi remains either tight lipped or just shifts the blame on Delhi Police for such a grave situation. There is an urgent need for affirmative action.”
“There has to be a time bound action plan on the ground to curb the rising crime graph against women in the city,” said Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel.
Spelling out some of the initiatives which would be taken up the BJP when it comes to power to ensure safety for women, Shri Goel said “The BJP will strengthen  Delhi Home Guards by providing them better training and enhancing their numbers to supplement the policing efforts of Delhi Police.
We will increase number of women police stations substantially, fill up existing vacancies for women personnel in Delhi police immediately, increase the number of women cops by atleast 20 per cent in the city. The party will introduce self-defence modules for women in all educational institutions and  ensure intensive patrolling by the women cops,” informed Shri Goel.
“We will constitute quick reaction teams to deal with any incident of eve teasing or crime against women,” said Shri Goel.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau data, amongst 53 cities in the country having a population of more than 10 lakh, Delhi accounts for 18 % rape cases and atleast 10% of molestation cases. Overall amongst these 53 cities, Delhi accounted for more than 13% of the crimes committed against women.
Delhi BJP General Secretary Smt. Shikha Rai said, “In Delhi , the number of women police personnel stands merely at 7 per cent. Out of more than 160 police stations, there is only one woman police station. This is completely inadequate and the number of women cops needs to be increased substantially.”
“It is ironical that the Chief Minister of Delhi, who herself is a woman, has done nothing to improve the situation in the Capital. She just conveniently shifts the blame to Delhi Police.”

Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha President Ms Sudha Sharma said, “When a Chief Minister starts saying herself that her daughter is not safe in the city, that itself is an evidence of how unsafe this city has become for women during Congress rule. The CM cannot abdicate her responsibility by shifting the blame on others. The BJP believes in affirmative action on such issues without any delay and it will do so when it comes to power.”
“Meanwhile we will hold consultations with experts and all other stakeholders to chalk out ways and means to strengthen safety net for women. The party will be holding a seminar on this issue soon. It will be followed by a series of programmes at local level all over the city on this issue to connect with women on the issue of enhancing safety for women,” she added.

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