Kejriwal’s Muslim remark for Hans Raj Hans driven by vote bank politics - Goel

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Goel to file complaint with SC Commission tomorrow, seeks action against
Kejriwal, Rajendra Pal Gautam and other AAP leaders
Kejriwal’s Muslim remark for Hans Raj Hans driven by vote bank politics - Goel
Rajendra Pal Gautam ironically holds SC/ST welfare portfolio - Goel
New Delhi, May 8, 2019: Union Minister and former BJP Delhi President Vijay Goel
would meet Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) Shri Ram
Shankar Katheria tomorrow to seek action against Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind
Kejriwal and other AAP leaders for falsely accusing BJP’s North West Delhi Constituency
candidate Hans Raj Hans of converting to Muslim.
Goel said that a press conference was convened on May 2, 2019, by the Aam Aadmi
Party under the leadership of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wherein Cabinet
Minister of NCT of Delhi Rajendra Pal Gautam, AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha and
other AAP leaders falsely and deliberately made a statement that Hans Raj Hans could
not fight the elections since he had converted to Islam and the North West Delhi
constituency is reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC).
Knowing well that their allegations are false, they went on to say that Hans Raj Hans
converted to Mohammed Yusuf but he continues to sing under the same name. The
statements have caused harassment and mental agony to Hans Raj Hans who hails from
Valmiki Community, which is constituent of Hindu religion.
Goel said that the caste of Hans Raj Hans is included in the list of Scheduled Caste of the
Union government and Punjab Government. The false allegations made by the AAP
leaders violate various provisions of the Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention
of Atrocities) Act, 1989, with an intention to deprive Hans Raj Hans of his economic,
democratic and social rights. It is also surprising that the false statements have come
from Rajendra Pal Gautam who ironically holds the portfolio of SC & ST welfare in the
Government of NCT of Delhi.
Goel said that Hans Raj Hans is a noted singer not just in India but across the globe.
Owing to the popularity of Hans Raj Hans, Kejriwal and other AAP leaders are indulging
in cheap vote bank politics as the Delhi polls are just a few days away. By making false

allegations, AAP leaders have also humiliated the Valmiki community and Valmikis have
now decided to boycott the Aam Aadmi Party.
Goel said the NCSC should take immediate action against Kejriwal, Rajendra Pal, Raghav
Chadha and other leaders.

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