The Delhi government claims that it has improved the transport facility in Delhi. However, for the past ten consecutive years, the Delhi government has not been able to add more buses. Delhi's total bus fleet is 4000 as against a sanctioned strength of 11,000 as mandated by the Delhi High Court. Not to forget, AAP promised in run up to Delhi assembly polls to add introduce at least 5000 new buses to the city fleet in five years. Same is the case with other promises; where are the unified transport authority and ring rail service that CM Kejriwal had promised to the people of Delhi.
The AAP government collects 'Environment compensation charge' from goods vehicles entering the city, also called as Green Tax, for augmenting public transport. Rs 829 crore Green tax is lying idle with the Kejriwal government but it could spend only Rs 93 lakhs. Another Rs 500 Crore collected as cess on every litre of diesel sold since 2008 is also lying unspent. But despite explicit directions from the Supreme Court, money collected from the cess levied on goods vehicles has not been spent on roads, public transport and cycle tracks.
The fact is that CM Arvind Kejriwal has no roadmap to resolve the woes in transport sector. As a result, the number of private vehicles has shot up causing great increase in traffic congestion and air pollution. But instead of providing a robust public transport, Chief Minister of Delhi implements Odd-Even mainly for publicity, sensationalism and stunt. Analysis of the Odd-Even scheme showed that instead of bringing down the number of vehicles on the road, it proved as a boon to 2nd hand car dealers as their sales went up exponentially. Worse the scheme increased the PM2.5 levels defeating the objective of the scheme. Besides, it created massive constraint on the public transport system in Delhi, which was not envisaged to cater to such a large number of people. The iconic Delhi Metro was choked to the hilt in commuting passengers as it did not have the necessary wherewithal to deal with such a war like situation. Just to satisfy one man's ego, 1.3 Crore people were subjected to undue hardships and yet the scheme was being lauded by the AAP. If the scheme was indeed so popular then what was the need of a 100cr publicity budget for the scheme? To bring the facts out, we carried out a survey with a bigger sample size of 4800 people. The findings revealed that about two-third of the respondents termed the scheme a “failure”, and additional 31 percent didn’t want it to continue as a permanent feature. Interestingly, of the people who wanted it to continue forever, 22 percent felt no decrease in air pollution.

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My visions for Delhi stems from these inspiring words of Swami Vivekanada. I sincerely believe that Delhi has enough number of brave, bold men and women who can make it not only one of the best cities.

My vision for Delhi is that it should be a city of opportunities where people

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